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A long standing dream of yoga teacher Noeline Oldham has finally become reality.  While practicing yoga and doing voluntary healing work in the UK many years ago, the seed was sown for the creation of a yoga centre offering holistic treatments in the right location.  Locating to the Algarve and working here as a yoga teacher and therapist for over eight years, she knew this was the perfect place. 

The dream has become reality in the creation of Zen Garden Yoga Studio in Praia da Luz which opened in August 2020.

The view from the back windows over a verdant grass bank complete with flowering bushes enhances the sense of the outside and inside merging.  It feels more like a serene retreat than anything else.  Noeline and her yoga colleagues Kafa da Pink and Cony Walker offer a variety of yoga, from Hatha and Yin to Nidra.  Noeline also conducts sessions in Chakra Dance (a meditative dance with free-flowing movements), reflexology, massage and crystal healing.  

Three therapists, Johnny White, Felipe Silva and Miguel Torres work at the centre and offer different treatments from sports and Thai massage, Reiki and Qigong to naturopathy and Crystal Sound Baths.

Sessions are open to all at any level.  There are beginners groups  and one to one sessions for anyone wanting to have a try.  Advance booking is essential.  

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